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Schoendorf elementary school
Our school profile:
The focus of our pedagogical work is the child's personality as a whole. The aim is to give the pupils a comprehensive general education through action-oriented, nature-related and interdisciplinary lessons and to prepare them for the transition to regular school or grammar school. The development of technical, methodological, personal and social skills is the basis of our pedagogical work.
At our elementary school, the children learn in a scientifically oriented manner. The factual learning content is prepared in an action-oriented manner and made understandable for the children with the help of a variety of experiments. The students have the opportunity to try out their own world and scientific connections. The technical topics are linked to the learning content of the other subjects.
Since we are interested in all-day educational work, we coordinate the content of the lessons with the extracurricular pedagogical work of the after-school care center.
Mission statement:
1. Our "school" is a place for joint, active, exploratory learning and action.
2. We promote social interaction.
3. We support our students in their academic and personal development.
4. We pay attention to a healthy and exercise-friendly lifestyle.
5. Our lessons are musically and scientifically oriented

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 The Weimar-Nord/Schöndorf social space team introduces itself.

Who can contact us?
children and young people
single parent
Citizens of the Weimar-Nord and Schöndorf districts who would like to get involved
day care centers and schools
Associations, institutions, companies, etc.
Together with the citizens, we are working on a child and family-friendly district (= social space). 

The Weimar-Nord/Schöndorf social space team consists of qualified, pedagogical specialists from the Hufeland carrier society and the "Caritas region for Central Thuringia".
Hufeland Carrier Society Weimar mbH
Carl-Gärtig-Strasse 25a
99427 Schoendorf
mobile: 0176 31552855
Mail: mandy.blechschmidt@htg.de
Internet: www.htg.de
Managing Director: Angelika Weirich
Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Ralf Kirsten
Registration number: HRB 104755
Registration court: Jena