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Weimars Ortsteil Schöndorf

The district of Weimar-Schöndorf is located in the northwest of the city of Weimar/Thuringia.


The Schöndorf district is located on the B 85 in the north of Weimar, between the large and small Ettersberg. The originally Slavic settlement was first documented in 1358 as "Schöndorf". Planned construction began after 1700 under Duke Wilhelm Ernst.
The district, which was incorporated in 1939, comprises three residential areas: the old town of Schöndorf, settlement and Waldstadt. The Catholic Church of St. Bonifacio was inaugurated in 1957 after two years of construction. In 1995, the Carmelite order settled on the site with a monastery. In 1964, the foundation stone was laid for the evangelical church of St. Stephen.
In Schöndorf there is a primary school and a regular school. The Classic Center, built in 1994, offers modern shopping facilities on 13,650 m². The largest employer is the JUL non-profit GmbH, with its modern training centers and children's facilities. Hotels located in Schöndorf benefit from the new bypass road for Weimar, which leads to the B 85.
Newly erected signposts show visitors the direction to archaeological monuments and hiking trails. The best-known is now the "Prinzenschneise" and the "Wilhelm-Ernst-Weg" from Schöndorf to Kromsdorf, the construction of which began in the summer of 2005. Magnificent views and romantic resting places are a magnet for visitors. In 2008, Schöndorf turned 650 Years and celebrated this anniversary with a festival week


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